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Glevum Area Group - About Us


Welcome to our website. We are the Glevum Area Group of the Scalefour Society


The Glevum group has an exhibition layout which has been to a number of exhibitions but is currently undergoing some significant modifications and updates. The layout, Brinkley, is based on joint BR (M) and BR (W) practice. All other regions/eras are represented amongst members interests. Sharing travel arrangements to exhibitions and the exchange of ideas, information and techniques, as well as the inevitable discussions, are all part of our activities. All levels of skill and expertise are represented so that one may learn or pass on experience as appropriate. We also cater for armchair modellers.


Amongst our members we also have other excellent exhibition layouts. Clinkerford, built by John Darch, is based on the Great Western station that once existed at Cinderford in the Forest of Dean. Sheep Pasture on the former Cromford and High Peak railway is the work of Robin Whittle whilst Red River has been constructed in N gauge by Tony Comber to represent the coal mining scene of the High Appalachians. In addition to this Robin has a new layout in process of construction based on the former Midland Railway locomotive shed at Bristol, Barrow Road.


We meet at monthly intervals, usually on the first Tuesday in the month, at about 7.30 pm. After many years of not having a permanent meeting room we now have a very accommodating member that allows us meet and store/work on the group layout. These meetings take place in Blakeney in the Forest of Dean. Occasionally we do still meet at other members' homes. Our membership covers an area approximately bounded by Malvern, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester, the Forest of Dean, Ross on Wye and the northern fringe of Bristol. We also meet for working days on the layout at regular intervals, usually every other Thursday.


If you are interested in taking a part in our activities please contact Tony Comber, co-ordinator, Glevum Area Group by using the following e-mail address and making the changes as indicated.


s4glevum 'at' aol 'dot' com (replace the 'at' with @ and 'dot' with . )


There are over 40 other active Area Groups in existence in the UK alone - a very valuable element of the Society's infrastructure. Some are relatively passive, meaning to say more chat than action, others more involved with 'hands on' layout developments. Most appear to meet on a monthly basis either at individual member's homes or some central location. For new members they can provide support and encouragement. There are also Overseas Groups, two in Australia, one each in New Zealand and the United States, and also in Europe, being in Germany and the Netherlands. To find out more visit the Scalefour Society Website.