Hillside Works is a narrow gauge railway in 4mm scale, constructed using "Peco 009" proprietary track. The location is set in the Welsh borders, and the time period modeled is late sixties to early seventies. The concept and design of Hillside Works is purely fictional and an enormous amount of modeler's license has been used during all design and construction phases. The idea was to create an easily portable layout which provides sustained operational and scenic interest for the viewing public. Rolling stock is a mixture of kit built and converted ready to run items mostly from RICO and Parkside Dundas. The buildings are both kit and scratch built using Ratio and Wills materials, with various scatters from the "Woodland Scenics", and "Greenscene" ranges. The backscene has been built and painted to represent colder autumn skies, and the surrounding hillsides of a typical Welsh border area. The trees are constructed using the traditional wire frame method, which is then hand soldered and covered in a plaster mix and painted to represent the bare branches that are to be found in the late Autumn countryside of this region. Locomotives are operated by handheld controllers using DC cab control, with AC supply derived from a 15 volt transformer which has been safely electrically isolated, another transformer supplies the capacitor discharge unit, all have been hand built. The point motors are a collection of the older "SEEP" type, and the more modern "PECO" type with base mounting adaptors. Working lamp posts and coloured light signals, together with their automatic control systems, have been specially constructed to scale for this layout from my own designs. Hillside Works as with all layouts is still "work in progress". Our aim for the future is to bring it into present day by turning it into a preserved railway, called Hillside Works Heritage Centre complete with working vintage machinery, tourists and cafes.


Scale: 4mm - 009


Overall size: 1200mm x 600mm.


Owner: Dave and Sue Griffin